The Terms-of-Service Agreement and Privacy policy

You must know:

This eMail Service is not secure! Between and You, there is third-party (Internet service providers - ISP's and Hosting company like And they maybe collect different information about some stuff. The emails will be deleted after couple days or months :) but there is backup on the host. That's why you must don't use this post for serious communications with somebody, because someone can create "man in the middle attack" and to see your important info. You can not delete messages in your Inbox. Maybe someday you'll be able :) Please don't create mass email attack into this mail :) There are too many bots and they are enough :)
You can send letters from our service (Compose Mail). Our total limit is up to 300 emails per day as whole. email system is a PUBLIC email system and provides NO privacy!
All emails in the Mail system can be read by anyone and are considered in the public domain. By design, the Mail system allows any user to read any email in any Inbox without authorization.
Do not use this Mail system for any information you wish to keep private in any way. Users should have NO expectation of privacy or security using this system. Alternate Inbox addresses attempt to provide some level of obfuscation, however, this feature should not be construed as secure or to provide "privacy" in any way. The public Mail system does not require signup or login.
We wish to express our sincere thanks to You for choosing our service.
Thank You for your attention! Bye :)

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